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ESD Audit Program

ESD audits are an essential part of a proper ESD control program. Audits check all ESD control practices and products, identify problem areas and faculty equipment, provide a reminder to personnel of their responsibilities and indicate are that require correct action.

The compliance of all aspects of the ESD equipment, procedures and training must be checked at regular intervals, otherwise gradual deterioration can be expected. Equipment will fail over time and materials and equipment will become non-compliant. Static awareness and correct use of procedures will tend to gradually fade unless reinforced by refresher training.

The audit procedures are unique to the local control program or plan, but certain aspects will be part of every program. The major areas to be examined are work area integrity, operator conformance to proper procedures, condition of the workbench and floor, and general aspects of the program.

Antistat offer a full ESD audit program to our customers alongside full ESD personnel training. For further details please contact us on +44 (0)1473 836 200.