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Cleanroom ESD Consumables

Antistat have been selected as the European Distributor for clean room safe lotion and bottles.

Working with our chosen partner, we have over 25 years experience in manufacturing hand lotions, hand cleaners, antistatic sprays, hard surface cleaners and blue static safe bottles.

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  1. ESD Wash Bottle
    8/16oz cleanroom safe static dissipative wash bottle. Learn More
  2. Earloop Facemask
    Earloop cleanroom facemasks - Lint free and solvent safe minimising allergies. Learn More
  3. Sale New
    Antistatic Clipboard
    Special Price £5.00
    Durable and high quality PVC ESD clipboards Learn More
  4. Tacky Mat Frame
    Rigid polyboard tacky mat frame Learn More
  5. Tacky Mat
    White or blue tacky mat made from low density polyethylene and suitable for clean room use, rigid polyboard frame also... Learn More
  6. Antistatic Tacky Mats
    Multilayer adhesive sticky mats, suitable mainly for electronics productions where electric discharge could cause... Learn More
  7. Disposable Coverall
    A low linting material cleanroom coverall giving comfort and breathability when being used for long periods of time. Learn More
  8. Bouffant Style Pleated Mob Caps
    The garment features a lightweight and breathable material that is available in various colours. Learn More
  9. Antistatic Disposable Labcoat
    Available sterile, this garment provides equally protective properties with our high quality materials. Learn More
  10. Disposable Beard Snood
    Non-woven polypropylene offering protection against stray facial hair contamination. Learn More
  11. Antistatic Finger Cots
    ISO 5 and ESD Compatible. Designed to protect sensitive devices from damage by a static charge. Learn More
  12. 100% Polyester 120gsm Wipes
    100% Polyester Dry Wipes features include laser sealed edge and abrasion resistance. Learn More
  13. Pre-Saturated IPA Wipe Tub
    Ideal for Cleanroom/Medical environments, the pre-saturated wipes are 70% vv solution of Isopropyl alcohol BP Learn More
  14. ESD Water Bottle
    8/16oz cleanroom safe static dissipative water bottles. Learn More
  15. Blue Disposable Nitrile Gloves
    100% blue nitrile disposable glove, powder free and contains no natural rubber products. Learn More
  16. ESD Spray Bottle - Trigger Action
    16/32oz ESD spray bottles for use in cleanroom environments. Learn More
  17. ESD Spray Bottle - Pump Action
    2/8 or 16oz ESD mister bottle for use in cleanroom environments. Learn More
  18. ESD Solvent Dispenser
    4/6 or 8oz ESD solvent dispenser for use in cleanroom environments. Learn More
  19. ESD Round Storage Bottle with Lid
    32oz ESD round storage bottle with lid, useful for storage, packaging and shipping. Learn More
  20. ESD Flux Dispenser with Pen Tip
    2oz ESD flux dispenser with pen tip suitable for use in a cleanroom environment. Learn More
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